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Wesley Changes Gears

The Wesley Group's humble roots grew from Wesley Industries (WI), which was created in 1983,to initially service the American Automotive Industry.

In aggressive efforts to save costs within its operations, WI implemented vertical integration strategies and began buying and selling ferrous and non-ferrous metals (importing pig iron from Brazil below US market prices). As their activities moved beyond proof of concept, WI also began buying and selling precious metals (partnering with the golf brand, Taylor Made and acquiring titanium from Russia for Taylor Made's oversize golf heads),

Over time, additional commodities were added and unrelated business units were formed in order to engage in the activities of buying and selling businesses leading to Joint Venture relationships with JPI Industries, Hilco Capital, CMS MS&T, Margate Ventures, Bain Capital, Magna International and Segal of Westgate Resort.

Soon after, The Wesley Group was formed for the purpose of monetizing its growing international relationships and to better manage its manufacturing and business activities.

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